UCSD Cryptography Bicycling Club

Our cyclic group is of prime order!

Trip report, 2022-10-09

Our cyclic group's very first ride took place on 2022-10-09, just a few days after the Eurocrypt submission deadline. There were only four of us, so our group wasn't actually of prime order, but you can view it as the product of two prime-order cyclic groups -- a bi-cyclic group, if you will. In any case, both 20221009 and 2003 (= 2022 - 10 - 9) are prime, so there were plenty of primes to go around that day.

As for the actual bike ride, we started near UCSD and rode down the Rose Canyon Bike Path, a dedicated cycleway that (for a while) runs next to the blue line tracks. We rode to a cafe in Pacific Beach, drank coffee/tea, then went to the beach itself. For the trip back, our group split into two cosets: one coset rode to the Balboa Ave stop and took the trolley, and the other coset biked all the way back to UCSD.